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Happy to say I practice Tai Chi every day, usually in the morning, and every morning the light in the clouds, falling on the river, the flora and fauna, the mountain tops beyond, and the River Front Trail is a Kodak moment — some better than others.

I wanted to notch up from using the phone camera and to learn how to use my Canon PowerShot [model number] on a setting other than auto.

Plus, unlike the phone camera (and the Kodak Brownie) my PowerShot captures RAW files which can be adjusted in Photoshop, which is what the pro-shooters do. It’s actually great fun fixing a shot on the computer.

One thing I rarely fixed, however, was the composition. Pretend that you can see the edges of the negative, like photographs in the art books. For the most part, what you see is what I shot.

Part of the 2020 challenge. I hold the camera with a strap around my neck and wrap it around the left hand that holds the PowerShot. Using my thumb, on the other hand, I push the pocket size unit away to create tension on the strap. No viewfinder. The PowerShot features a screen the size of the camera and when it’s level with the world the horizontal line turns green. It’s a beautiful thing.

Warner, March 9, 2021