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2020: To Take a Picture Everyday


Thursday Morning, the 9th

This is Kla Ha Ya Park located just below First Street between Avenues B and C and where I practice Tai Chi every morning.

Thursday morning, the 2nd
Tuesday morning, the 14th
Monday morning, the 27th

This view is looking west on the Snohomish River Front Trail …

Monday morning, the 27th

… then I turned around for the view east.

. . .


Sunday morning the 2nd

The shores of Kla Ha Ya Park!

Monday morning, the 3rd
Sunday afternoon, the 9th
Monday morning, the 24th

Meanwhile, a dramatic day in town: A 15 year civics discussion ends with the removal of the “library’s 1968 addition!” Read more here.

Friday morning, the 28th
Saturday morning, the 29th

. . .


Thursday morning, the 5th

The popular shot of the Snohomish River is from the overlook on First Street and Avenue C; it’s my birthday month, and the clouds have gathered.

Sunday morning, the 15th
Sunday morning, the 15th

The river was blue this morning, a Sunday,
it was a mirror holding the soft blue sky —
a surface of stillness.

The river’s flow of gravity, yielding
to the pull of the moon, is at a standstill –
(renamed: “Lake Snohomish”).

Like the town people … told to “stay inside!”
Yet, pulled by the warm, bright sunshine and
the stillness of the river.

Then there are people with essential jobs …
like me, practicing Tai Chi in the park –
Breathing up from my feet.

Wednesday evening, the 18th
Thursday evening, the 19th
Friday evening, the 20th
Friday evening, the 20th

Cady Landing: As the first location of Snohomish, when it was called “Cadyville,” it’s a nice site for a wedding.

Tuesday morning, the 31st

. . .


Saturday morning, the 4th
Wednesday morning, the 8th
Thursday evening, the 9th
Friday evening, the 10th

E. C. Ferguson and his wife, Lucetta, pated and named the city after the river in 1871, I would like to think it was Lucetta’s idea to layout First Street to line up with the bend in the Snohomish River.

Monday evening, the 13th
Wednesday morning, the 15th
Monday morning, the 27th

. . .


Sunday morning, the 3rd
Thursday morning, the 7th

“No one moved,” continued Boss, “we stood there looking up into the darkness of the fly loft.”

“Bones in the Fly Loft”
Friday morning, the 8th

Let your eyes follow the trail up the buildings to spot the workers, high in the air, working on the old theater.

Saturday morning, the 9th

“I’m here to tell you the tide will never stop coming in. I’m here to tell you whatever you build will be ruined, so make it beautiful.”

“Spoiler” by Hala Alyan
Monday morning, the 11th

Two views of the new windows installed without a permit. The large windows are wrong for a building in the Historic District of Snohomish — barely to mention a fly loft!

Saturday morning, the 9th

First Street view of the historic theater building which began screening movies in 1924 along with stage shows as well. Its life as a theatre ended around 1995. Note the new construction, high on the right.

Friday morning, the 15th

In 2015, I made a short, two-part movie about the Ferguson Cottage.

I still enjoy watching it.

Wednesday morning, the 20th

In the sunshine filled mornings of May, I’d often see this man eating his “carry-out” breakfast at the same picnic table in Cady Landing Park, always alone.

Thursday morning, the 28th

. . .


Sunday morning, the 7th

Wave Hands Like Cloud

One, slow, deep inhale per Wave —
In through the nose,
Out the mouth. Slow!

Another, full inhale with another Wave.
Pour your tai chi ocean from foot to foot,
breathe-up from your feet. Listen!

A woman wearing a pink ball cap
is walking behind a mature German Shepard
who is unleashed. Watch!

The iconic guard-dog turns to look at me,
I continue the form while looking into the dog’s eyes —
it turns away, deciding not to attack. Me!

I’m no threat waving hands
like clouds under a bright, blue sky
in our riverside park!


Saturday morning, the 13th
Thursday morning, the 18th
Sunday morning, the 28th

The Snohomish River Front Trail’s major funding source was a Federal grant from the Transportation Department since the 2006 trail follows the railroad route completed in 1910.

Monday morning, the 29th

. . .


Thursday morning, the 2nd

The Carnegie Library was also completed in 1910, as were the railroad tracks on a trestle along the north bank of the river.

Sunday morning, the 5th
Friday morning, the 10th
Sunday morning, the 19th

A secret park (on private land) overlooking the river.

Sunday morning, the 26th

Kla Ha Ya Park looking towards First Street.

Friday morning, the 31st

. . .


Sunday morning, the 9th
Tuesday morning, the 11th

An organized group that prays together in different towns — today was Snohomish’s turn.

Thursday morning, the 13th
Sunday morning, the 16th

“I feel I’m on the fringe ….” is all I heard the woman say to the man on the bench above me.

Friday morning, the 28th

Morning regulars, Terry and his dog Bug.

Friday morning, the 28th

. . .


Wednesday morning, the 2nd

Summer and Fall / Passing each other in the Hall / Another Beautiful Day

Saturday morning, the 19th
Sunday morning, the 20th
Sunday morning, the 20th

A little girl crying, loudly, a message of Anger! “Well, how will you get home,” asks the Mom? She is trying to get the second toddler to join the first already seated in the rumble arrangement built over the rear wheel of the most unique bike I’ve ever seen. Most helpful was the double-sided kickstand that holds the bike up and solid enough for Mom to win! She straddles the bar that supports the kids’ seats, snaps back the kickstand, and heads eastbound on the Snohomish River Front Trail.

Thursday morning, the 24th
Monday morning, the 28th

. . .


Thursday morning, the 10th
Wednesday morning, the 14th
Sunday morning, the 18th
Sunday morning, the 25th
Saturday morning, the 31st

. . .


Monday morning, the 2nd
Monday morning, the 2nd
Monday morning, the 2nd
Thursday morning, the 14th

Hi Again Dear Diary, Biden and Harris won. What will Trump mean to me in the future?

Thursday morning, the 14th
Saturday morning, the 28th
Saturday morning, the 28th
Monday morning, the 30th

This was a lucky shot coming down the stairs from First Street.

. . .


Tuesday morning, the 1st
Tuesday morning, the 1st
Tuesday morning, the 22nd

For Our Gardener

In the sunshine, we prepare for winter darkness by stringing lights in the shape of nets over the arbor, now free of grapevines, some as thick as a small tree, all laid out on the patio table as if lying-in-state, waiting for Mr. Pete.

Wednesday morning, the 23rd
Thursday morning, the 24th
Monday morning, the 28th
Monday morning, the 28th
Monday morning, the 28th

Onward Together!

March First 2020, a Sunday morning

Hope you have enjoyed this scroll down memory lane — it was quite a year.

All images are copyrighted which only means to please credit this page if you post an image online — none are for sale and not large enough to print. Between five and seven images per month are published here, just a fraction of the shots taken, I plan to revisit the inventory looking for the good ones I couldnd’t use so come back.

Cheers ~w.

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